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Waxworm Culture Kits


Each Kit is already prepared and ready to breed!

Everything you need to culture waxworms all the work is done for you!

Each kit contains a special breathable escape proof 32oz Insect Cup with snap on poly fabric lid, culture medium, egg laying material, waxworms & instructions. Just leave the kit in a warm dark place 80-85f and in a few weeks it will be teeming with newly hatched waxworms.  Each female waxmoth can lay up to 1000 eggs! The waxworms will feed on the medium, pupate into waxmoths breed and lay eggs, when the eggs hatch they will feed on the medium. No maintenance required! Just harvest your waxworms when they reach the size required. If you wish to keep your culture going then you will need extra insect cups and culture medium.   


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