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Silkworm Prepared Food High Density Mulberry Chow 25g
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Silkworm Prepared Food High Density Mulberry Chow 25g

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Silkworm Food. High density Mulberry Chow. 

To prolong the silkworms life feed once every other day.
To increase the size of your silkworms feed between 2-4 times per day.They can grow up to 3 inches.

How to Store Food:
Keep wrapped in cling film and keep in fridge.

How to Feed Silkworms:
Break off a small lump of the food and crumble directly over the silkworms. The food is moist and quite sticky. The silkworms are domesticated and will not wander about looking for the food, this is why you need to drop it directly onto them. You will notice they will rear up on their hind legs and wave about when being fed this is their way of feeling with their heads for where the food is as it lands on them.

Ensure your hands are very clean when handling the food and feeding the silkworms. This is to prevent contaminating the food.



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