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Dwarf WhiteTropical Woodlice / also culture kits

Dwarf White Tropical Woodlice

An easy to cultivate detritivore.  Will consume any organic matter, great for cleaning waste up in vivariums, or terrariums.  They help cycle nutrients for an enclosure and provide another excellent source of food for your animals.  They will reproduce in the tank, add them once and don’t worry about it again.  These are a calcium based crustacean that only reproduces in the dark.  They are larger than Springtails, and not only provide a good food source, but are high in calcium for your animals as well.

Size up to 5mm. The  woodlice are very prolific, your culture will reproduce and grow quickly once established. They will thrive in tropical style vivariums making great custodians eating mould and waste products also they will aerate the vivarium substrate. They can be used in planted set ups and will not destroy the plants.

These make a wonderful soft bodied food source for your amphibians and invertebrates and are high in calcium.





Woodlice Food X 50g

Dwarf White Tropical Woodlice Starter Culture x 25-30 SOLD OUT

Dwarf White Tropical Woodlice large culture x 60-70 SOLD OUT

Dwarf White Tropical Woodlice Culture Kit, SOLD OUT

Dwarf White Tropical Woodlice Culture x 150 SOLD OUT

Dwarf White Tropical Woodlice Culture x 200 SOLD OUT

Dwarf White Tropical Woodlice Culture x 300 SOLD OUT

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