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Woven Wire Aluminium Insect Mesh  A4 Size 210x297mm
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Woven Wire Aluminium Insect Mesh A4 Size 210x297mm

Price per Unit (piece): £4.99

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Insect Mesh - Fine gauge. A4 Size 210x297mm.

Very flexible, easy to cut with a pair of scissors.

Will ensure all insects irrespective of their size remain in their housing! No more escapees!

Will not rot, will not rust, can not be chewed through (unlike plastic, net or fibre glass mesh), allows for maximun air circulation / ventilation.

Example of use; can be placed over the tank part of an Exo Terra Faunarium, fold sides of mesh down around outside of tank top, then simply snap the lid on!

Caution – When cutting wear gloves and goggles as the cut ends can be quite sharp due to the wire being very fine. Not recommended that children cut the mesh.


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