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Hermit Land Crabs Caribbean Purple Claw

Purple Claw Caribbean Land Hermit Crabs Medium – Large. Coenobita clypeatus


Please note: they do not like to be on their own I will only as a minimum sell them in twos, it would be cruel to keep just one on their own. 

An easy to care for highly interesting pet. That does well in small colonies they are very sociable with their own species and being on their own causes them undue stress. They communicate by making squeaking noises to each other. Did you know they can live for 30-40years!

Temperature 26 – 28c no direct heat required when kept in a warm room.

Substrate repti sand or aquarium sand, can be mixed with coco brick /  fibre, allow enough depth so they can burrow.

House in a tank that has a lid to keep the humidity high, spray tank with water to keep humidity up.

Provide two water bowls one with fresh drinking water one with salt water. Chloramines and chlorine's are found in our drinking water, these are harmful to the crabs. Add some water conditioner to their water as sold for tropical fish, amphibians etc to counteract the harmful affects.

Feeding; fresh and dried fruit, vegetables,commercially prepared crab food (available on website see below), use calcium dust (available on website) x 2 per week this helps maintain their exo skeletons.

They also like to climb so logs can be provided as can other decorations such as plastic plants.

Hermit Crabs will outgrow their shells and will require larger shells to move into, available below.





Hermit Crab Shell Medium x 1

Hermit Crab Shell Large x 1

Hikari Crab Food x 50g

Land Hermit Crabs Purple Claw x 2 Crabs

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