Ricks Livefood - Crickets, Locusts, Roaches

Springtails standard cultureMedium Locusts x 25 Tub

Large Butterworms x10. 20-30mm SOLD OUT
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Large Butterworms x10. 20-30mm SOLD OUT

Price per Unit (piece): £2.85

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The Butterworm has more than double the Calcium content of most other livefood, also having extremely high protein levels compared to cricket’s or mealworm’s. Requiring no maintenance to keep, lasting up to four months!

A firm favourite for all reptiles and amphibians.


Keep in the fridge in the vegetable drawer, and ensure they remain dry in sawdust they come in. DO NOT FEED. They will begin to hibernate in the cold temperature. THESE WORMS CAN LIVE FOR UP TO 4 MONTHS IN A FRIDGE.

Feeding Off:

Take required amount out of fridge and place in a smooth sided bowl, or place on viv / tank floor. The vivid colour and wriggling movement will attract attention from your herp/amphibian.


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