Ricks Livefood - Crickets, Locusts, Roaches

Heat PackMedium / Small Brown Crickets x 125 Tub

Water Gel Crystals 10g (1.25 litres )

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Water Crystals for Livefood. 10 grams of the crystals will make approximately 1.25 litres of water gel. The crystals absorb the added water and expand up to 400 times their own size. An excellent way of providing drinking water for your livefood without the risk of them drowning. Also a good way of providing humidity to ensure that your livefood can moult and shed their exoskeleton with ease. Just add water and leave to stand for about half an hour then you have your gel. To save time why not make a large batch at once and just store it in an airtight container.

Can also be used to keep humidity levels up by mixing in with substrate.


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