Ricks Livefood - Crickets, Locusts, Roaches

Beetle / Insect Jelly / x5 Different Flavours

Beetle / Insect Jelly 

x5 Different Flavours!

A food source that is high in protein, lactic acid, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

A great gut load item for all feeder insects. Ideal for feeding to many insects and animals, including crickets, roaches, beetles, millipedes etc.
Can improve the lifespan of insects and also increase female egg production leading to higher yields.
Can be stored in fridge for up to one year.

Jelly Pot Holders

Funky modern perspex jelly pot holder designed to fit 16g jelly pots. Featuring strong suction cup attachment, allowing secure vivarium mounting, ensuring that the pots remain in place and are not knocked into the substrate. Easy to position, easy to clean. Can be placed on substrate if required. Available in single and double Jelly Pot Holders.

Beetle / Insect Jelly 16g Pot x1

Beetle / Insect Jelly 16g Pots x 4

Jelly Pot Holder single

Jelly Pot Holder Double

Beetle / Insect Jelly 16g Pots x10

Beetle / Insect Jelly 16g Pots x25

Beetle / Insect Jelly 16g Pots x50

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